“The Squad” and “MAGA Republicans”

We can dream. While the House debates who should be the next Speaker, they can’t do any business. Which means they can’t make anything worse.

I wrote a book titled 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America, but as John C. Calhoun pointed out in the 19th century, it was really Congress that kept screwing up America.

Writing a book on that topic would be a multi-volume endeavor.

We are seeing something beautiful develop at this point: principled representatives who won’t cave to the establishment. That doesn’t make any of them worthwhile. I don’t trust a Republican to do anything right, but it does mean that perhaps there could be some changes in Congress.

I recorded episode 755 of The Brion McClanahan Show last week, before the current dust up over the Speaker position, but I did allude to it on the show and opined that it was going to make for great political theater. I also suggested that someone should vote for Donald Trump. Matt Gaetz did just that. Twice. Hilarious.

The people blocking “Conservative, Inc.” from holding on to power in Congress are doing yeoman’s work. They also have all the power in a evenly divided legislative body. If the establishment wants to get work, they have to compromise with these people.

The progressive “Squad” has followed this plan for the last several years, and the House lurched left as a result. They’ve also added more members.

This sets up an interesting 118th Congress. “MAGA Republicans” and “The Squad” could make things interesting for years, that is if they both keep playing hardball.

I love it. The less Congress does, the better we are.

Check out Episode 755 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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