The Worst President in American History Is?

Donald Trump was arrested today, and if I asked the subject of this email to one of my Ukrainian Flag friends on Twitter, they would surely say Donald Trump.

Or maybe Ronald Reagan. You might get a George W. Bush or a Richard Nixon.

But you would never get an Abraham Lincoln. Nope. The same people who put Ukrainian Flags in their bio also have various other stupid leftist current things in their descriptions while calling anyone who mutters a contrary statement about the War, Lincoln, or the Righteous Cause Myth a white-supremacist. It seems to be a trend, like a club for dorks.

“Hey, Rob, I see you have a Ukrainian Flag in your bio and that you are wearing a mask in your profile pic. Me too! That’s neato. And you think everyone who disagrees with us is a fascist and a racist! Alright! Let’s go to the anti-Trump rally together and chant at neo-Confederates! That’ll show ’em.”

Of course, Lincoln should be at or near the top of the list of worst presidents in American history.

So should FDR, and LBJ, and Wilson, and Truman, and George Herbert Walker William Jefferson Barrack Joseph Donald Obama Clinton Biden Trump Bush.

I could also rattle off many more. It’s why I wrote 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America.

Every now and then someone posts a worst presidents list that gets some things right, like this one by Chuck Baldwin.

His reasoning may not be the best on a few, but by placing Lincoln at the top, he has accurately pointed out the turning point in American history.

Washington and Jackson set some bad precedents, but Lincoln uprooted America and destroyed the American presidency.

Of course some of you wanted me to talk about Baldwin’s list, so I did on Episode 801 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

It’s fitting that this episode came out on a day that the smug left things they have solved the presidency crisis in America. If only that were true.

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