To Tenure or Not to Tenure?

Last week, the University of North Carolina Board of Trustees caved and voted to give journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure.

She then said thanks but no thanks and bolted for Howard University.

That’s unfortunate, because both the UNC School of Journalism and the academy deserve her.

Granted, Hannah-Jones wasn’t qualified for the position. She was also given a non-tenure track contract, meaning she would not get tenure. She knew it.

That didn’t stop her from crying about “systemic racism” and threatening litigation.

She is just a Victim, you see, and Victims need compensation. She had her wreck and she needed her check.

The academy is the right place for Hannah-Jones. It has been so thoroughly destroyed that a hack like Hannah-Jones fits right in.

Granting Hannah-Jones tenure didn’t change the status of UNC. It just solidified how stupid the modern academy (and the Republican Party who gave it to her) has become. Their response should have been, “No, shut up.” But then again, that would mean that the academy has some integrity left. It doesn’t. The Republican Party never has.

It should also be a wake up call for anyone thinking of sending their kids to major colleges or universities, especially those who don’t subscribe to woke critical race theory or any other progressive nonsense.

Find alternatives. You still need the piece of paper, but get your kids an alternative education. Better yet, avoid the “soft science” majors and instead get a degree in something that matters. Then,when you make some dough, go back and pick up a “credential” like a Ph.D in History so you can have that behind your name.

As for Hannah-Jones, her claim that she is “just a journalist” is spot on. The 1619 Project is a glorified Op-Ed, nothing more. It isn’t real history and shouldn’t be classified as such, nor should any school district in America be adopting any of its stupidity.

There is some truth to the project, particularly its condemnation of Lincoln, but most of it is worthless.

That is journalism. Americans need to stop believing that journalism is objective. It never has been.

Which is why the UNC School of Journalism deserved such a fraud. Just get it out in the open. Objectivity is not what we strive to achieve. We want bias and we want it now!

I would prefer a press like this. We had it once in the 19th century. You knew where your newspaper stood, and no one ran around thinking that the National Intelligencier was objective.

Consider the source, every time.

I discuss Nikole Hannah-Jones in Episode 474 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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