Voting a Right or Privilege?

Asking if voting is a right is almost blasphemy in modern American society.

We believe in democracy! Everyone should vote!

But as a great piece at Chronicles highlights, you can make it “easy to vote” OR you can make it “hard to cheat.” You can’t have both.

To those on the left, making it “easy” to vote means that they can ballot harvest or dig up dead voters.

That means they win elections. 2020 is a prime example. I’ve said since that election that finding concrete evidence that the Democrats cheated was and is going to be hard to do. 1960 provided enough evidence that overturning a clearly fraudulent election isn’t going to happen.

So did 1876, but since no one in the modern media was around then, it never happened.

Same for 1864 when the Republicans had soldiers voting early and often.

Over half of self-identified “conservatives” in America think voting is a privilege and want some kind of restrictions.

The left just wants you to be able to make condensation on glass. Country of origin is not important so long as you are here in a swing district during election year. Get them a ballot! Better yet, they want you to download an app for that.

Your smart phone becomes a tool for stupid.

The founding generation never considered voting a “right.” In case being white and racist wasn’t enough, that makes them even more evil to the left.

But might they have a point? Has government improved since we opened the doors to more voter participation? Do we have less corruption? Fewer wars? Better fiscal responsibility? A more stable currency?

In other words, have the promises of the American democrats been kept or have those who opposed massive suffrage been proven correct?

James Fenimore Cooper’s The American Democrat worried about the effects of mass democracy. It’s an essential read, and could have been written today.

I discuss voting and democracy on Episode 543 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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