Washington D.C. Statehood?

Senate Democrats are going to vote on making Washington D.C. the 51st State. House Dems already have.

Well, sort of.

They actually know this would be illegal, so as a work around they’re going to carve out a small portion of the city to leave as the federal capitol and take the rest to make the “Washington Douglass Commonwealth.”

This is a pipe dream for several reasons, but before I address that, anyone with one brain cell can see this is exclusively about power.

When Mitt Romney gets it, the situation is obvious.

If Democrats were really worried about representation for the people that live in D.C., they would push for Maryland to reclaim their land, thus giving these D.C. residents a real representative in the House and two United States Senators.

But that’s not what these revolutionary buffoons want. 

That said, why is D.C. statehood unconstitutional?

To start, only the people of a State or territory can create a State. The general government cannot do that. It can “admit new States” into the Union, but as Calhoun pointed out it cannot “create” new States.

That is what Congress wants to do.

Plus, Congress may have to get permission from Maryland to create a State out of the district. After all, Maryland gave up part of its territory to create Washington D.C. Maryland would probably do it, but that isn’t guaranteed.

Most importantly, the Democrats are already aware they would need to quickly repeal the 23rd Amendment to make this work. That pesky little amendment gives D.C. three electoral college votes, and if the new State is created as written, the only people living inside of the new federal city would be Joe Biden and his family. This would give the president three Electoral College votes.

How stupid and dangerous.

Repealing that amendment would take two-thirds of the Congress and three-quarters of the States. Fat chance that would happen, at least not with D.C Statehood on the line.

But the Democrats are desperate. After reapportionment, they are going to lose seats in the House. They will probably lose the Senate in 2022, and they know that the “won” the presidency by fraud. They won’t get caught, but this is why so many Democrats are opposed to election security. No security means they keep winning.

The Washington Douglass Commonwealth is but another example of their naked power grab. Court packing, abolishing the Electoral College, and nationalizing elections all have the same goal: one party American wokism.

And everyone loses, except the politburo in power.

I discuss D.C. Statehood in Episode 421 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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