Were Confederates “Evil”?

Were Confederates “evil”?

Wayne Allyn Root seems to think so. In fact, if you didn’t know better, you would believe Eric Foner, Karen Cox, or some other leftist dope wrote this piece.

This is a problem I have been discussing for quite some time on my podcast and elsewhere.

With “friends” like these “conservative intellectuals,” who needs the left?

I rightfully blasted the Straussian/neocons in the pages of Chronicles last year because they are the root–no pun intended–of the problem.

You see, if you make Lincoln the standard bearer of your “conservative” movement, you are already doomed.

No one thought Lincoln was a “conservative” in 1860. Perhaps a “conservative” Republican, but that would be like calling Joe Biden a “conservative.”

He certainly wants to “conserve” the deep state, the welfare state, the woke state, and every other despotic power in the United “State”, and in that way we could call him “conservative”, but he isn’t a conservative in principle.

Neither was Lincoln. The man was a nineteenth century leftist, just like his Republican cronies.

If you wish to “conserve” this, you are simply hanging on to an ideology that will always lead you back to Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matter, and woke corporations.

Along with Michael Anton and Wayne Allyn Root.

Calling anyone who fought for the Confederacy “evil” and comparing them to Nazis is the height of stupidity.

Even the Nazis get more respect from most Americans, particularly at Harvard where you can honor Nazis but not Confederates.

They are a particular type of subhuman.

We’ve lost all meaning of the word evil. Southerners who fought for the Confederacy weren’t evil. Neither were the Founding Fathers. Calling them that is lunacy.

Hitler was evil. Stalin was evil. Pol Pot was evil. Jefferson Davis is not even on the same planet as these men. Heck, Lincoln would fit the bill better than Davis due to his willful starvation of Confederate POWs at places like Camp Douglas in Illinois.

That’s evil.

Root’s piece made nice but frustrating podcast fodder. I obliterate it on Episode 575 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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