Were Confederates Nazis?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Confederate soldiers were proto-Nazis.

This is the worst charge progressives level against the South. You see, if those evil white supremacist Southerners (as opposed to the good white supremacist Northerners) had won the War, Northern Americans would have been plagued with Adolf Hitler Calhoun right on their doorstep.

It doesn’t help that you have some truly lost Southerners running around today claiming to admire Adolf Hitler.

I won’t even talk about the Yankees who do such things. I expect that. They’ve never had much sense.

But the Confederates=Nazis argument is baseless and driven by pure emotion.

The comparisons just don’t exist.

It doesn’t stop people from trotting it out there on a regular basis. They know it will score political points with the emotionally and intellectually immature segment of the American population.

In other words, progressives–and unfortunately, there are a lot of those dopes on the left and the right.

There are several easy rebuttals to this proposition:

1. Southerners didn’t commit genocide, ever.

2. Southerners weren’t driven by ideology.

3. Southerners weren’t anti-Semitic.

4. Southerners didn’t believe in massive centralization of power and international imperialism.

5. Southerners weren’t trying to conquer anyone.

Clyde Wilson wrote an excellent piece on this topic several years ago.

Paul Gottfried published one recently.

Both destroy the Confederates=Nazis thesis.

But don’t worry, someone else will make this claim in short order, and now you will have the intellectual ammo to fight back.

I discuss this stupid argument on Episode 793 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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