Were the Anti-Federalists Right About the Supreme Court?

Jamelle Bouie penned one of the most surprising columns in recent memory.

He actually quoted the famous Anti-Federalist Brutus to defend his position.

If you don’t know, Bouie is a progressive’s progressive. He is woke, believes in every leftist cause, and is a firm proponent of federal power to ram the progressive agenda down our throats.

But the supposed right wing lurch of the Supreme Court has him running for the Anti-Federalist Papers.

The federal courts must go!

It’s amazing when these people finally realize that in their quest for power they opened the door to other people using it against them.

We’ve been saying that for years.

I agree, the federal courts must go! I remember telling people this in 2012 when I was doing publicity for The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution.

Every conservative media figure I talked to loved it then.

Jamelle Bouie probably would have been aghast.

Times change.

Now, if the left was somehow able to grab hold of the Supreme Court, I’m sure Bouie would change course.

Don’t expect the progs to be principled.

Either way, this made for good podcast fodder.

I discuss Bouie on Episode 742 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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