What Do We Do About “Gut Level Hatred” in American Politics?

I’ve talked about this issue many times on my Podcast. Americans are angry, so much so that we are seeing rhetorical conflict unmatched since the 1850s.

At least we could define “woman.”

Regardless, all of the hand wringing and angst over the current polarization of American politics misses one key ingredient: centralization of power.

The culture war would not be an issue if we had real federalism.

That was the whole point. Massachusetts did not want to be governed by South Carolina and South Carolina did not want to be governed by New England.

Who does?

This was a commonly understood in the nineteenth century, but after the Lincolnian Revolution of 1861, we’ve lost sight of the beauty of federalism.


If people in Mississippi did not have to worry about those in California, they wouldn’t wring their hands wondering if Gavin Newsome becomes president.

Joe Biden would be irrelevant. So would Donald Trump.

So would the Supreme Court.

This should be a selling point.

Of course, the progressive left and right aren’t really interested in federalism because they want power and are willing to suffer through dark times so long as they can “own” the other side when they ascend to the throne.

Lincolnian nationalism is a disease that needs to be eradicated.

It can’t so long as Americans continue to believe in the “Righteous Cause Myth” and the glory of “Honest Abe.” “Conservatives” are as much responsible for this as the Left, perhaps more so.

This is why I talk about the problem so often.

You can’t say it loudly enough or often enough.

I discuss the issue on Episode 856 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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