What is a Yankee?

A long time listener of the program sent me an email asking me to define the term “Yankee.”

He hosts a group of around ten men that regularly listen to the show. Some of them became agitated when I recently used Yankee to disparage a particular type of American. They were offended ostensibly because they are from the North.

He thought if I clarified by position, they would understand that I am not using the term geographically, but culturally.

He was correct.

A Yankee is a peculiar type of American that was born and bred in New England in the 17th century but that eventually found his way into virtually every part of the United States, and like a horde of locusts, he plunders and consumes everything he deems unholy.

The Yankee is always concerned that someone, somewhere is doing something he doesn’t like and it is his goal to ensure that stops.

This originated in Puritan theology and has been secularized in the modern age. That is why I have termed the new left the “political puritans.”

Dissent will not be tolerated.

Yankees demand you wear your mask at outdoor gatherings or place it on your nose in between bites on an airplane.

They are the Karens that berate a black man for bird watching in a park because they don’t want him around.

They are the idiots who want to remove every Confederate monument, rename professional sports teams, ensure that cookbook recipes do not offend anyone, and insist on “equity” in society.

They “monitor” those they don’t like, keep detailed records of their “misdeeds” and report them to the “fact checkers” on social media.

They are the busybodies, the self-righteous moralists who revel in their own hypocritical superiority and consider those who disagree with them to be “deplorable.”

In short, they are the most miserable people in the world, and they want everyone else to be equally as miserable.

Clyde Wilson wrote two fantastic articles on the Yankee about a decade ago. I encourage you to read them.

I discuss the Yankee on Episode 576 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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