Why Can’t the United States Military Recruit?

The “Naming Commission” has spoken and the Secretary of Defense has signed off on it’s proposals.

Unless something happens, the Confederate Monument in Arlington Cemetery will be unrecognizable once they are through with it.

It will simply be a block of granite.

This is the future of America. Beauty is gone, only communist “equity” will remain. Take a look at those wonderful communist apartments in the former Soviet Union. That is our future.

In the meantime, the United States Army complains that it is facing a “personpower” problem.

I say “personpower” because the woke military has completely rotted out the efficacy of the American military.

Everything is woke. I’ve heard from a number of my former military listeners that the vast majority of soldiers are fed up with the indoctrination and are leaving as fast as they can. They are also telling their friends and family not to enlist.

Why should they?

Is fighting for the regime in some far flung war patriotism?

Nope, and they know it. This is much like the final days of the Roman Empire. The Romans had become so decedent that they stopped joining the army. The Germans gladly filled the void and eventually, Rome fell.

In this case, Americans–and a large percentage of Southerners–would join up, but they can’t see fighting for a government and society that no longer respects them.

Good luck finding enough leftists to fill out your ranks.

I discuss the Arlington monument and the recruiting problem on episode 718 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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