Why Does the Left Really Hate the New Florida History Standards?

The new Florida K-12 history standards have upset the left.

Kamala Harris recently suggested that teachers in Florida would be required to tell students that slavery benefited black Americans.

Various historians immediately whined to the establishment media that this was an effort to “revise” the past, to minimize the institution of slavery, and, hilariously, to support white guilt.

That last point illustrates how stupid these people can be. The entire point of victim history is to create white guilt. A curriculum that would ostensibly minimize the impact of the institution in America would reduce white guilt.

But that is not what the standard suggests. In fact, the standards merely force instructors to tell a more complex history of the past. How this is accomplished is ambiguous.

That’s the problem.

The left doesn’t want to give the one honest historian the room to talk about African participation in the institution, to explain the findings of Time on the Cross or Roll, Jordan, Roll, or to discuss someone like Horace King, the slave who learned engineering and later used that skill to make a lot of money in Alabama.

This doesn’t mean that you become a pro-slavery Northern theologian. But you would tell the whole story.

That might lead to fewer victims and a more reconciliationist American history.

In other words, Victim Inc. would be shut down and their path to power narrowed, if only slightly

Yet, the standards are still malleable enough to allow leftists to continue their Victim history of America.

They just can’t force everyone to do this.

And maybe, just maybe, real history has a chance.

I won’t hold my breath. It turns out Prager U will be providing some of the curriculum, you know, the same Prager U that had Ty “Robert E. Lee and Me” Seidule tell the history of the War.

With friends like these.

I discuss the reaction to the Florida standards on Episode 860 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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