Woke Generals Fear Losing Money

Woke generals are nothing new.

During the War for Southern Independence and Reconstruction, woke Northern generals operating as Republican Party partisans set out to remake America.

And they let Southerners know about it.

In one of the most hilarious recorded episodes, a woke German immigrant general attempted to instruct former Confederate General Richard Taylor on what it meant to be an American.

Taylor smiled, thanked his woke counterpart, and told him he was glad for the information as his people were some of the first to set foot on Virginia and Massachusetts soil, signed the Declaration, fought in the American War for Independence, participated in the debates leading to the ratification of the Constitution, and his father was President of the United States, but they didn’t have the time or energy to let him know the true meaning of America.

Kind of like the nincompoops on the left and “right” who run around telling everyone else the meaning of the “idea” of America.

It would have been news to generations of Americans.

But now, our woke federal overlords have enlisted the help of the army to get the message across. They are simply continuing the work of Reconstruction.

Confederate military base names and statues have to go. So do “racist” statues from the Capitol. General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wants to understand “white rage” so the military can be more inclusive.

This is the continuation of Lincoln’s Mercenaries from the 1860s.

Glenn Greenwald, however, highlighted how this is going to be dangerous for those who resist leftist foolishness moving forward. You see, if you can call half of America “dangerous,” what is to stop the government from taking away your liberties? And if the military is woke and you aren’t, they would certainly be enlisted to help.

Just following orders.

More like just following the money.

The Pentagon needs Congress to give them cash. John Randolph correctly pointed out a professional army is nothing more than a glorified welfare system. If you ain’t woke, you’re broke.

Milley knows where his bread is buttered. That’s why the military will always suck up to those in power. The United States has been on a constant wartime footing since World War II. They need a new bogeyman. American conservatives are it.

Coma Joe is stoking the fires, just like Honest Abe in 1861.

That’s why nationalism never works. If we were really free, the States could just tell Joe to shove it (they still can if they ignore the cash) and move on.

Or they could just leave.

Either way, Milley’s new found wokeness is a troubling but not unexpected sign. The military has been woke since the tyrant planted his heel on Maryland in 1861.

Oh wait, I’m not supposed to say that either. Sue me.

I talk about our latest woke general in episode 470 of the Brion McClanahan Show.

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