Would Washington Hate Presidents Day?

I know “Presidents Day” was last week, but an idiotic article at the New York Times had to get some time on The Brion McClanahan Show.

Alexis Coe–self proclaimed “leading presidential historian of her generation”–claims that George Washington would have hated Presidents Day.

This might be true, or it might not. Washington and the Federalists had a grand time marking his birthday while he was still alive, a tradition that began as early as the 1770s. This was similar to celebrations in Great Britain for the king. The Jeffersonians hated it and preferred to celebrate July 4.

But that wasn’t really the main point of her piece.

It was generally a confusing and disjointed attack on Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Trump Derangement Syndrome runs deep with these people.

I am honestly unsure what she intended to do with this garbage op-ed other than whine about January 6.

She opens the piece saying she doesn’t like “Presidents Day” or “George Washington’s Birthday” and wishes we wouldn’t celebrate it,  but then argues that we need to celebrate Washington’s Birthday because Americans have forgotten the importance of the executive branch.

I wonder if she uses genius level reasoning in her New York Times bestselling biography of Washington, You Never Forget Your First.

The fact that her book reached the top of the bestselling list illustrates how far that award has declined (and also that the woman is in a state of arrested development).

She also included this gem: “National indifference to Presidents’ Day should be, at this critical moment, embraced as a rare opportunity to return to a founding ideal we should all be able to get behind: democracy.”

Last time I checked, the founding generation were generally not too keen on the “ideal” of democracy. The Constitution was explicitly written to check too much democracy at the State level. They said it.

But who cares about real history? January 6!

I take apart Ms. Coe’s idiotic drivel on Episode 786 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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