WW II and Lincolnian Nationalism

Yesterday marked the 77th anniversary of Operation Overlord, better known as the D-Day invasion of Northern France.

Some “conservative” commentators mark it down as a secular holiday, the day that American democracy doomed Nazism in Europe.

If only they kept it out of the United States, and I am not just talking about the stupid neo-Nazis who run around mostly Northern States today. No, I’m talking about the woke fascists who want to control speech, thought, and action in America.

You see, the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy didn’t know it, but they were codifying Lincolnian nationalism with blood.

Franklin Roosevelt already set the process in motion during the 1930s, but like all good progressive agendas it needed baptism by fire. Wars are good for that.

Lincoln foisted a new America on the old Constitution by launching a war to “save the Union.” The Constitution died then.

William McKinley ushered in the age of American imperialism by waging a war for “humanity’s sake” against Spain in 1898.

Woodrow Wilson crafted the blueprint for the modern progressive imperial “United State” by making the world “save for democracy” in 1917.

Franklin Roosevelt finished the job with the New Deal and World War II. He defeated one form of progressivism–Nazism–with another, American democratic socialism, and in the process left Europe open to the communists, the other progressives.

Progressivism won and real America lost in each case.

We are seeing it every day. You wouldn’t have the idiotic progressives without Lincoln, just like you wouldn’t have the modern guns and better unitary State without Roosevelt and his second Bill of Rights, and Roosevelt’s dictatorship of a presidency was only made possible by Lincoln’s shredding of the Constitution.

It all goes back to Lincoln.

I’m going to spend a whole week on the Lincoln myth in various ways, so buckle up. If you like Lincoln bashing, this is the week for you.

I also take the neoconservatives to task for their constant Lincoln worship. You can’t have a conservative party in America if your intellectual godfather is Abraham Lincoln.

It doesn’t work and never will.

I talk about World War II and Lincolnian Nationalism in Episode 455 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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