Yankee Revenge

Yankees are having their revenge on the rest of America.

Michael Lind argues that the modern mess of wokism is blowback from Southern dominance the general government from the New Deal through the 1980s.

Lind correctly shows that Southerners used the government against powerful Yankees for about fifty years. It’s payback time.

He might have a point. We live in Yankee America with the political puritans in both parties attempting to shove nationalism down our throats. More importantly, the culture war wouldn’t be possible without the presence of the Yankee elite in prep schools and universities.

As Lind accurately states, this is one faction of white Americans against another faction of white Americans. It has almost always been that way. Minority groups are simply pawns in a power struggle.

Yankees wanted to rid the world of impure people in the seventeenth century. They wanted to cleanse the United States of Southerners in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Now they want to scrub the deplorables–non-Yankees–from American politics.

Lind gets a lot right in this piece, but he also shows his blind spot: Abraham Lincoln and the “Righteous Cause Myth.”

You see, Lind thinks it is “reasonable” to want to tear down Confederate statues, but not so for anyone else.

This opens the door to every other social justice crusade. The left hasn’t and won’t stop at Confederate symbols.

They want it all.

At the end of the day, Yankees need to dominate the government, be it on the left or the right. It’s their driving force. One of my colleagues accurately said that if you want to see what Yankee dominated America looks like, just look around. We have it.

This process began in 1861 and has continued, almost unabated, since then.

I discuss Yankee Revenge in Episode 451 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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