Youngkin’s Anti-Woke Mandate?

Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the Virginia Governor’s race has spurred some to believe that Americans have thoroughly rejected critical race theory.

Not so fast. While I agree that wokism may have reached its zenith and most Americans don’t like it, I’m not certain the soccer moms who have been labeled FBI terrorists aren’t on board with most of what critical race theory has to offer.

They are fine calling other people racists, but don’t call them–or their kids–that name.

You see, Youngkin offers very little in the way of real American conservatism, as this piece in The American Conservative points out.

Granted, the down ballot and school board victories are very encouraging, but I bet that if Glenn Youngkin had been governor last year, Confederate monuments still would have been taken down and destroyed. In fact, I’m almost certain of it.

Do you think Youngkin would support a bill putting them back up? If not, he supports taking them down.

Middle-class Northern Virginia voters–most of whom aren’t from Virginia–didn’t like the sticks and stones game so they elected someone who won’t call them names. They can still feel good about being Obama mamas from 2012 and never-Trumpers in 2020. The left doesn’t care. To the progressive loons, they’re all “racist,” but they don’t want to be told that.

So, they voted the jerks out. Good, but don’t expect a miracle.

I discuss Youngkin and the 2021 election on Episode 542 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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